Disney Channel Movie.

This movie may have been an 1990’s or 2000’s era Disney Channel movie about a child that is trying to help their parents but their parents are stuck in a stone wall, it may have been a fantasy movie or a dark comedy.

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    1. The movie in general is brought up in the Channel KRT episode about the episode of Honey I Shrunk The Kids show with the mermaid transformation, specifically it is around 5:29 and the description is basically about a child who is trying to help their parents but their parents are stuck in a stone-wall and their faces are embedded in rocks.

    1. It might be one of those, parts of it do seem like it could be maybe a Halloweentown movie or Scream Team. I heard it on the Channel KRT podcast:

      1. I don’t see how we’re going to be able to close this. Do we ask the podcaster for confirmation? Disney Channel showed movies of all kinds in the 90s. She could even be remembering something from another channel. I inferred that her mention had rung a bell for you, and it was something you had seen too.

        Anyway I scanned through both the movies I suggested on Disney Plus and it doesn’t seem to be either of them. Good luck!

        1. I don’t think the Poof Project and Up Up and Away are on Plus at all actually, I definitely think it could have been a movie from another company that aired on Disney Channel, or it could have been an ABC Family/Fox Family movie that aired on DIsney Channel.

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