70s 80s obscure adult film about young women being raised and sold like cattle

Ok, I believe I saw a small part of this movie in the mid 80s, but it may have been early 90s. I was either in Germany, Virginia, or England . Based on what I remember it was at least 80s but most likely 70s. Even small posibility of late 60s. It was spoken in English and the sets or scenery is based in mid west U.S..


Based on the mood in the scenes I watched its not a porno or a horror, but there was plenty of nudity and some cannibalism.  The plot was about a new trend of raising & selling young women as a new meat source. The women were raised and sold at auction like cattle.

I can only remember two scenes. I believe the main protagonist (at least in the scenes I saw ) is a reporter or investigator that has come into the area to look into this new trend. He has come into possession of this young white girl, 17/18 yrs old. Don’t know if he bought her, rescued her, found her, but in one scene she is with him in a sedan as they drive away from the ranch area where she was raised, while he asks questions.  She may be nude at this point as most of the ladies that are treated like meat in this movie don’t have possessions or even a concept of wearing clothes.  The other scene, she has on a shear dress and they are sitting at a country cafe while he asks her more question. There is an old couple sitting near them. After a few minutes he notices that the old man sitting next to them can’t stop starting. That’s when the reporter realizes you can see through her dress and says we have to get you a bra.

Those are the only two scenes I can remember, and there is a small chance these women are not used as meat but just as slaves but I remember there being something in there conversation about her explaining a connection between the age of the girl and the tenderness of the meat.

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  1. YES!!! Wow I can’t believe I forgot Lee Marvin, but I was young enough I may have not known who he was at the time. Thank You.

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