50’s-60’s B&W Thriller with a female lead, plot somehow revolves around dead father

I saw it sometime around the mid 2000’s, I was a kid, 7 or 8. It was on TV, but it was on one of those channels that plays older movies. It was black and white, probably American because everyone spoke English. Probably made in 50’s – 60’s, a thriller. The main lady was white, with dark hair and I think a 60’s hairdo, she wore scarves and sunglasses a lot I think.

The Movie kinda starts out with her coming to stay at this mansion, or maybe a really big house, I was a kid. It was light colored, I think either she owned it, or her father owned it, or her father was staying there or something. There was an elder lady there I think who is set up as suspicious from the start. She is not the mother, though. I think maybe the dad had died and the main lady came to settle his affairs or something. There is really only like one part that I actually remember, in like a parlor or storage room, and the main lady comes into it, its nighttime. She sees her dead father in a chair in the middle of the room, I think she screams, and then a man from up a few floors in the house comes to her aid, I think she must have run to meet him because when they come back into the room the chair is empty again, but the lady is all like “he was just there,” and then she goes to feel the chair and is all like “It’s wet!” and then somehow, later, they find out that the body was in the pool previously to sitting in the chair and that’s why it was wet.

Also there might have been like a subplot about someone lying about needing a wheelchair?? This might have been in the movie, but it also might not.

I’ve wanted to see this movie again ever since then, but I couldn’t find it on Google and apparently when I was seven I didn’t pay attention to movie titles.

3 thoughts on “50’s-60’s B&W Thriller with a female lead, plot somehow revolves around dead father

  1. This definitely sounds like “Scream of Fear” (1961) a b&w horror thriller from Hammer studios. It deals with a wheelchair bound woman going to see her father after many years and he is gone but she sees his dead body everywhere and there is a pool scene.

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