2000’s (possibly earlier) educational show for kids

Hi all, I’ve been searching for this TV show for a while now and haven’t had any luck from google searches, TOMT reddit or TV tropes.

I’m looking for a show which my teachers used to show us in class during my early years of Primary School (around 2007-2009, but the show may have been made earlier). It may have been on VHS or DVD. My most vivid memory of it is that there was some kind of puppet or maybe a person in a suit who I’m pretty sure looked like a young boy and was named something like “Y” or “Why” or something else to do with asking questions, who was curious about how the world worked. I think there were real humans in the show as well who would interact with him. From memory, there was one about how magnets and mirrors work, and maybe one about sound? Anyway, I’m pretty sure they were themed around science or other educational topics.

I have weird memories of the characters/hosts in the show having some kind of fort or hidden lab or something? This is getting really vague and foggy in my head now and could be completely wrong but I remember some kind of dark tunnels etc which that puppet guy would navigate through for some reason. Idk, I just remember thinking it was really cool and wanting to build secret hideouts after seeing it. Could be mixing this up with something else though.

I’m not sure if this program was actually a TV series or a collection of children’s documentaries but I’m sure there were at least a few different ‘episodes’ with different topics explored in each one. This may have even been some kind of resource provided to teachers rather than something that was aired on TV.

Let me know if you have any ideas as to what is could be !!!! Or suggest sites that I may be able to find it? Thanks

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