Looking for the title of a legal, possibly political thriller

I have been searching every site possible and even reading movie scripts trying to find this movie.  I think it was released in the 1990s but might have been early 2000s.  It is in English and the only scene I can really remember is where a woman (I thought it was Holly Hunter but the only one she was in that does not have this scene is The Firm) is stealing a file(s) from an office and pretending she is getting it for the person who works in that office.  A security guard and his Doberman are there and while she is kneeling down to either open a safe or a file cabinet the dog is popping his jaws right next to her face.  She asks the guard to put the dog up and he puts the dog in an adjoining room and closes the door.  While she is removing the file(s) the phone rings and it is the man she is stealing from.  The guard says something to the effect of “she is getting the files for you now” and she realizes the jig is up.  She hits the guard and runs and the dog goes beserk in the room.  She does get away with what she came for.  This movie is either a legal or a political thriller.  WHAT IS THE TITLE?????????  Thank you to anyone who can provide the answer.

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