Melting car

I remember a scene in a movie, where a sports car is burning, maybe after a car chase, maybe the driver stole/borrowed it from the owner. Two people watching the burning car, the driver and the owner, the owner screams in a high pitched squeel- “It’s melting!!”

I remember it as being an action movie, with humorous aspects. Maybe late 80s, early 90s? Maybe the driver was much taller than the owner, giving off a Christian Slatery/Mel Gibsony kinda attitude, annoying, but funny, not giving too much of a sh*t basically.

I think I might go crazy if I can’t remember what movie it’s from, I’ve been wondering for years! Please help!


5 thoughts on “Melting car

        1. I LOVE that movie. Even found the DVD online. I just love the guy screaming “It’s the chief’s car!!!!!” Kaboom! “Taxi!”

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