Yellow prehistoric monster that teleports

I remember just a little bit of this movie on tv when I was a kid (sometime in the mid to late 90s) before my parents changed the channel.


There were there people that could teleport/time travel. I don’t remember if they were from the future, past, idk. But there was this giant yellow monster that I thought looked like the rancor from star wars that could teleport as well.


There was this one scene where the main guy witnesses the yellow monster and a t-rex fight (stop motion animation). the t-rex looses and the yellow monster sees the guy and chases him.

3 thoughts on “Yellow prehistoric monster that teleports

  1. Sounds a bit like “The Day Time Ended” (1979). It’s not exactly a T-rex but it kind of looks like one. A bipedal creature with yellow skin kills it then chases the lead guy into a barn. The lead guy then spikes the yellow guy in the head with a pitchfork. You can watch it for free on Tubi. Here’s the IMdB:

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