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Western town invaded by aliens

This is a movie from the 80’s/90’s where this guy goes to this small western town to investigate something. He brings his dog along but it soon goes missing. He walks into a diner to ask the locals if they have seen his dog, but one-by-one, each person gets up and walks across the street and just stares at him in the diner. It creeps him out and he gets into his car to drive away. As he’s speeding out of town, he notices some figure on the side of the road. When he gets closer he sees that it’s an alien. It zaps his car as he passes. That’s all I remember.

kid’s magical adventure with a cat and dog

I remember bits and pieces of this colored film when I was a kid (in the 90s). the main plot was this boy and girl go on some kind of adventure with a cat and dog. Only thing is the animals where played by actors in a dog and cat costume.

only two scenes I remember:

  1. The boy and girl get into an argument over a rocking horse.
  2. The cat actress dies in a volcanic eruption or a forest fire (I can’t remember which)

Yellow prehistoric monster that teleports

I remember just a little bit of this movie on tv when I was a kid (sometime in the mid to late 90s) before my parents changed the channel.


There were there people that could teleport/time travel. I don’t remember if they were from the future, past, idk. But there was this giant yellow monster that I thought looked like the rancor from star wars that could teleport as well.


There was this one scene where the main guy witnesses the yellow monster and a t-rex fight (stop motion animation). the t-rex looses and the yellow monster sees the guy and chases him.