Woman Incurs Ignorant Wrath of Towns People for Healing Child

Probably made before 2000, and as far back as the 80’s.  It’s an English language movie I saw on TV, that centers on a fictional young[ish?] woman who possesses the ability to heal with her hands [depicted by a glow/light special effect].  She heals a child of parents in a community where she [the healer] lives.  This raises fear and wrath driven by religion/fear of witchcraft [or something like that], which, of course, causes the healer untold misery.  The movie concludes with a scene featuring her, as an older woman, living in a remote location, that is only found by those “sent” to her by some mystical process [at least that’s how I remember it].  This is illustrated by the example of a child, brought to the healer by her parents, in a car.  The child is suffering from something like cancer.  The parents have no idea why they are there, but the healer does, and manages to get the child alone, where she applies her healing power, resulting in the child rejoining her parents, cancer free [or free of whatever ailment it actually was].

It’s also possible the healer happened to be at a gas station, when she met the young girl with “cancer”.

It’s a beautiful movie about how fear bred by religious dogma tends to ostracize acts of actual love.

5 thoughts on “Woman Incurs Ignorant Wrath of Towns People for Healing Child

  1. Oh my, yes, this is it! I was just guessing based on what I read about this one in one of my reference books many years ago, but I just found the movie on YouTube and there was the scene at the end, at a gas station, with a sick boy(not girl) with cancer, being healed by the much older woman. I posted the movie below.


  2. Yup! That’s it! Thank you too much [in the words of the inimitable J. Wellington Wimpy]!!


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