Woman giving a birth to a lobster among cultists

Hello everyone.
Saw this movie about 15 years ago. I suppose it was a horror movie but not 100%.
I just can remember one but really memorable scene.
The woman is pursued by rednecks-cultists with a pitchforks and driven into some kind of greenhouse or winter garden. They surround her and suddenly some weird creature bursts out of her belly. As a child, I thought it looked like cancer. Then a woman from this cult takes the monster in her arms.
I think it was a movie from 90-00s.
Also it was filmed with the bright orange color filter as I remember.

P.S. Sorry for a misunderstood with my previous question about this movie. I’m Russian and used Google Translate to ask about it and in russian words meaning “cancer” and “lobster” are the same word. Maybe this time you could help me.

4 thoughts on “Woman giving a birth to a lobster among cultists

  1. I still think it’s SNDN (4): Initiation. check my other post for the link. the scene you describe starts about an hour into the film.

    1. Oh yes, that’s it. I’m more then sure. I’ve got some doubts cause I remember it differently but there can’t be two so similar movie so it’s just my memory doing things. Anyway thank you.

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