A room filling with water

I saw a movie, maybe a few years ago now, (but no idea how old the movie would be, but must be relatively recent) and I think it was the opening scene I remember (but it could have been further into the movie). Anyway, there’s a girl frantically trying to complete a puzzle of some kind (like an escape room puzzle or something). I *think* she was hanging upside down while doing this, but I’m not sure. The small room she is in starts filling with water as she struggles to complete the puzzle/break the code, and when the room is full/time is up, the scene cuts away and the girl has actually been playing a virtual reality/cg game and was never in the room and never in danger.

I know that’s not a lot to go on, but I cannot remember anything else from the movie at all. I thought it was maybe Escape Room (or one of the many similar films that came out a few years ago) but I’ve not been able to find it again.

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