Woman gets hair needle stuck in head during tennis match, so sister digs out ancient egyptian guy.

It has been quite a while, since I’ve seen that movie on (German) TV, maybe like 6 or 7 years-ish (at least, I remember beeing quite young when I saw that movie).

So ’cause I’m from Germany, I watched it in German, though I’m pretty sure the original language is English (or at least something other than German, as I remembered the movie as beeing not bad and German movies usually always suck).

The movie probably was from the early 2000s I guess and unfortunately I’m unable to remember any of the actors.

As far as I remember, the story is set in the 19th, or early 20th century. Somewhere in the beginning, two women are playing tennis with some guys they know, when the ball hits one of the women in the head and she falls on her hair needle with the back of her head. The woman ends up in a coma, the hair needle still stuck in her head for most of the movie. Her sister in the meanwhile, is trying everything she can to get her out of her comatose state. For one, she tries to find an old egyptian healer-guy (like old-old; dead for thousands of years) in a pyramid (?), soemhow convinces him and brings him and his medicinal-crew back to where they live. There he pulls the needle out of her sisters head and the woman therefore gets angry, ’cause all the doctors where like: “If you pulls out that needle, she’s definitely gonna be dead, no chance of saving.”, but the healer-dudes are able to save the then half-dead woman with some not magical, but somewhat magical ancient ritual.

I hope that description was at least a little useful and there is someone out here, who knows what movie I’m talking about. I’ve been wondering about it every once in a while for the past years, so I would really appreaciate, if someone knew the title of that movie.

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