Unknown Christmas romance tv movie.

here is what I remember. It may or may not be a hallmark Christmas movie. Could be ion or lifetime or another network. It was a made for tv Christmas movie (99% sure) and it had a girl meeting her boyfriend or fiancés parents for the first time I think. It could have been a friends house possibly. Anyway. She falls for the brother of friend/boyfriend. But at first she thinks he is the Scrooge type.  Turns out he helps with this hometown charity with decorating bar/ community center and helping with the talent show to raise money  and I for sure remember she does stand up comedy which she learned to do with her friend as a kid and had to get over her stage fright. She is currently all about money but that starts to change as she talks about growing up poorer with him   I also think the girl was brunette but not 100% on that either

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