Woman gets boarded up in a house

I watched the movie in late 1990s. We rented a bunch of movies from Blockbuster, as most people did. It was in color and english speaking. All I can really remember about the movie was a woman getting boarded up in a basement(?) of a house. I think it was her own house and possibly her husband or boyfriend was the person who trapped her. I think maybe she was drugged or was pushed down and hit her head. But she comes to and the guy is taking boards and basically boarding her up under the floor. So if anyone would come to the house it would sorta look normal. But shes trapped below the floor and he gives her food, etc from time to time. I really dont remember anything else about the movie. Such as who was in it or such. I think the woman was blond. And one scene I remember she was trying to get out and was running along the different boards(he made a sort of maze I think) and she reached the top of the stairs, but the door gets slammed shut on her.

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