Horror movie of a family who lives surrounded by a junkyard?

Hey guys as the title says…

I cant remember this Horror movie of a family who lives surrounded by some kind of a junkyard? Can someone please help me remember?

Things I remember:
– It was in English
– I saw it in the 90’s (so it must be a 90’s movie or maybe late 80’s)
– This family apparently caught people on their mansion who was surrounded by some kind of junkyard and the mansion was filled with traps to no let guests out.
– It was in color.
– I remember the family has perhaps some family members disfigured or some kind of creepy members?
– I remember the main character of the movie like getting to the mansion or getting caught in one of the traps using like a big slide

Man it was a long time ago… somebody has to remember it please help me 🙁

6 thoughts on “Horror movie of a family who lives surrounded by a junkyard?

      1. Yes, I would guess it’s the most asked about movie on this site… if not it’s in the top three. It’s the perfect blend of memorable and forgettable!

    1. Surrounded a junkyard the family was created by the clip if chainmasquer and also a mixed breed dog size of cujo the dog was grey and he was very mean children was missing in the wood and sheriff couldn’t do anything about it

  1. The movie I believe he’s talking about the sheriff is an older man that kind of looks like the old man in the movie House of a thousand courts like the grandpa but he’s a little chubby and I believe they’re wearing other people’s skin and yes there is definitely family members that are disfigured…

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