what was this mini series?

It was a horror television series, and the episode I remember was about a man who gets Lost in the mountains and returns to his family possessed by a demon. There is another man, his brother or friend, and it turns out he had been having an affair with his wife. The demon possessed man then kills him and makes her cook and eat him or he threatens to kill the children too.

I saw this movie around 2010 but it was not new,  my guess is it was released around the late 90s or early 2000s it was color and in English.

Please help this is driving me crazy!

5 thoughts on “what was this mini series?

  1. Sounds very much like Wendigo (2001) the film. Though there have been episodes named this in Tv series like Supernatural and Charmed.

  2. Sorry, ignore my first response. I knew the word “Wendigo” came into it. The series was called Fear Itself, Season One. The episode was number 8, called Skin and Bones. Originally aired on NBC 31st July 2008.

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