Western Where Wagon Is Ambushed & Father Is Forced To Marry Daughter

A wagon or wagon train is coming up a desert mountain/plateau. The group is ambushed by savage native Americans (I think. They could have been bandits.). The group gets captured (But most of them are killed) & the savages force the father to marry his daughter. I don’t recall lf they went through with lt. Later on, they fight again & the dad falls off of the cliff. They think he’s dead, but he survives & kills them all. The movie ends after that.

My memory is piss poor, so lt may not be exactly like that. I saw this movie ten to fifteen years ago in school. The funny thing is that I was searching for lt ten years ago & managed to find lt, but I was disappointed for whatever reason. Now I want to find lt again, but cannot. I’m not even entirely sure lt’s a movie, but lt seems most likely. And lt should be in color.

Any help would be much appreciated. I’ve been trying to find this movie since last year, lf not longer.

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