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Western About A Wagon Train Attacked By Native Americans

I saw lt no later than early 2008, but lt could be old, though in color. There is a wagon train (might be just one wagon) travelling up a mountain/plateau, but they are attacked by savages. At one point, the savages force a father to marry his daughter. And one guy tries to fight them, but ends up falling off the ledge; or so they thought. He climbs back up & defeats them. But at that point, lt’s a massacre. Hardly anyone survives. I’m pretty sure the movie ends there. If I had to guess, I’d say lt’s from the 1970’s, due to the themes. I could be mixing two movies together, judging by how hard lt is to find, but thus far, I haven’t found anything that rings a bell. Please help, I’ve been looking for 10 years.

Western Where Wagon Is Ambushed & Father Is Forced To Marry Daughter

A wagon or wagon train is coming up a desert mountain/plateau. The group is ambushed by savage native Americans (I think. They could have been bandits.). The group gets captured (But most of them are killed) & the savages force the father to marry his daughter. I don’t recall lf they went through with lt. Later on, they fight again & the dad falls off of the cliff. They think he’s dead, but he survives & kills them all. The movie ends after that.

My memory is piss poor, so lt may not be exactly like that. I saw this movie ten to fifteen years ago in school. The funny thing is that I was searching for lt ten years ago & managed to find lt, but I was disappointed for whatever reason. Now I want to find lt again, but cannot. I’m not even entirely sure lt’s a movie, but lt seems most likely. And lt should be in color.

Any help would be much appreciated. I’ve been trying to find this movie since last year, lf not longer.

What’s the name of this historical 1800’s movie about Native Americans?

I saw (or maybe I just heard of. My memory is that bad.) a historical drama film in the late 2000’s in school I believe, but don’t take my word for lt. It’s in color & I can only vaguely remember two or more people getting captured by Native Americans on a mountain. And the father & daughter are forced to marry each other. I can’t seem to remember anything beyond that. I’m pretty sure lt’s in the 1800’s (the setting, not the actual movie). I don’t feel like the movie was parcticularly new at the time. I imagine lt came out somewhere between the 1960’s & the 1990’s, leaning more toward 1990’s. I actually did find the movie years back, but I idiotically didn’t write the title down. This time, I can’t find lt. Nor can I remember what I did to find lt that time.