Western Movie

I was supporting a lady at work and caught part of a movie she was watching on TV that was an old western. I couldnt click to see the title as she had lost her remote and she didnt know what it was.

I remember a sheriff bringing a mute Indian chief through the town and he gets him to wait for him tied up while he runs some errands. In a shop close by a young boy with a high fever starts having what seems like an epileptic seizure and the towns people panic and dont know what to do. The Indian goes into the shop and picks the boy up and carries him outside and drops him in a water box outside (for horses I think). The towns people cause him of trying to drown the boy but the sheriff comes back and stands up for the Indian saying he was trying to save the boy and bring his temperature down the quickest way he knew how.


Sadly, I had to go onto someone else’s support so I didnt get to see any more but I was very touched by the Indian man trying to save the life of one of the people taught to hate or fear him.

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  1. I saw the show you are speaking of. It was from the early 70’s and I think it was a bonanza episode. And I think it was little joe who stood up for the Indian. I looked for it but could not find it. Maybe you will have better luck.

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