Weird non-english movie seen during ’90s on TV

Weird movie from non-English speaking countries, it seems to me it is European. Unfortunately, long ago I watched it so I do not remember the details well, I’ll try to describe what I remember. Much of the film takes place at night, in the dark in a house, a villa. Inside the doctor with some family members (service and guests?) and beautiful young woman who is at the center of the story. There is, and it seems her boyfriend, fianc√© who is seriously ill or immobile. Throughout the story we learn that the doctor that girl abused, sexually abused and blackmailed. The atmosphere is gloomy, and it is in some rebellions, war, shooting, so that no one in the house can not get out. I’m not sure why people were gathered in the house.
Perhaps because of this condition outside or for some other reason.
I’m sorry I do not remember the details, but I’d like to know what that movie.

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