Rom-Com That I saw Ages Ago

I’m looking for a romantic comedy that I saw years ago.

Here’s what I remember from the plot:

1. Woman desperately wants to get married
2. Meets supposedly perfect guy (who’s brunette I can remember that)
3. Makes plans to get married
4. Another guy who’s in love with her fits in somewhere (this guy is blonde)
5. In the end she ends up with the first guy

Other things I remember:

-There was a scene where a little girl (young version of the main character) dressed up as a bride for Halloween and she got an apple instead of candy
-She met the first guy at a party and they danced together and the was some stuff about the fact that the guy can’t dance that caused some relationship problems for them
-The cover photo is of her in the middle and a guy on either side

It was quite a few years ago, I don’t have a specific year. But it was in color, definitely.

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