Horror movie with killer with a hook

I vaguely remember watching this as a kid, so maybe around 15-20 years ago. Had it rented on a VHS so movie actually might be older.

I remember couple of girls going in some house, where killer is taking them one by one, and i think he had a hook as a weapon.

Two scenes i remember is that one of the girls was taking a bath when killer attacked her, and other is there were some animated tasmanian-devil looking animal. It sounds very weird, it might be that my memory is polluted, but i am almost 100% sure that it was from the same movie. It might be that it was summoned somehow through girls play-around.

4 thoughts on “Horror movie with killer with a hook

  1. So they are two separate movies after all. Great catch for Evil toons! I would probably need to download whole movie ( Sorority House Massacre 2 ) to confirm if that is the one that i remember. But it does seem to be the one. Thanks!

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