Weird Cinemax Vanguard Film

In college (early to mid 90s)  I remember seeing a film on Cinemax under their Vanguard Cinema umbrella about a young boy in a small farming community whose father is accused of being a killer/serial killer.  The kid then sets out to prove his father’s innocence.  There’s one scene that stands out where he passes two nuns in the road who stare at him and make strange animal noises (clucking maybe?).  In the end the boy finds out his dad is the killer and he raises his hands in the air and screams “noooo!”  It wasn’t in English and I thought the name of the film was “Dark Dreams” or “Dark Visions” but I can find no trace of it.

7 thoughts on “Weird Cinemax Vanguard Film

    1. Thank you! Thank you! I thought the movie was called The Metallic Baby. This movie has haunted me 2 decades. Thank you for solving this mystery for me.


    Some of the plot details are off – this poor, screwed-up boy has bigger coming-of-age issues to deal with than trying to clear his father’s name; the movie is British and in English – but the nuns, the ending, the accusations against the father, and the time frame definitely match.

  2. Wow! That’s it! I saw it only once late at night and somehow was convinced it was a foreign-language film. I think “Dark Dreams” might have been the tagline for the Cinemax promo. Thanks a lot, GG!

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