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I have another thing involving what I know was a British kids television show that used to be on PBS channel 2 around the early to maybe mid 1970’s but didn’t have a lot of aired episodes. Show had kids doing various things like exploring what might’ve been a haunted house. In fact, the haunted house episode is the one I recall the most & seemed to’ve been aired the most times. One of the kids looked a lot like “Froggy” from “The Little Rascals” but, spoke with a british accent. ( all the kids did, so I figure it had to be a BBC program) Another kid was kind of a heavy set girl. I can’t remember how many children there were altogether, but, they always were together doing something. Later on, there was another show called “What’s your thing?” . I can’t for the life of me remember what the 1st one was called though. PLEASE HELP!! P.S. it was a live acted show

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    1. Hi, I checked out what you said, but no dice. The possibly haunted house exploration. thing was only one episode with these kids. I seem to recall the heavyset girl’s name in this now as either “Maura” or “Laura”, but the rest of them, no memory. I know it wasn’t the little rascals where this was in color, plus, it was British. Now that I come to think of it, I don’t think it was a house they explored, maybe more like a warehouse. All I can recall is the one kid that did look a lot like “Froggy” was nearbye this big bunch of cobwebs & therevwas other stuff to insinuate wherever they all were, it was supposed to be haunted. It even had creepy music accompanying this one episode.

      1. Yup, rechecked it again. Rentaghost definitely was not it. That show, btw, has episodes on Youtube & had adults in it. The thing I mention was only kids

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