Spy movie drom late 60’s

I recall kind of a weird spy thriller that came to tje local drive in somewhere before “The Legend of Hell Hohse” got to the same drive in. Villain was a guy pretending to be a mom & had 2 “daughters”. Not sure who played the ‘good spy” they captured, but one scene had the guy getting clipped by a car while on a small possibly concrete bridge & he gets a pretty good gash on his face. He then “wakes up” in this small manse style house where the villain & “daughters” I guess lives. I remember 1 of the daughters kind of looking a bit like the blonde woman stewardess from “Land of the Giants” except her hair was a bit longer & maybe more wavy/ curly in places. Only thing I can recall other than this is there was a scene where a single tarantula was used to try & kill or maybe scare the crap out of the “good spy” guy & at the end, how the “villain” mom was really a guy in make up & a dress. What was this movie??

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  1. P.S. This movie was not a Bond flick. I’ve seen every one of those & would remember it being one, especially where Connery was about to transition from playing Bond, to Moore doing it.

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