weird australian dark humor comedy

i watched this movie like five or six years ago late on tv. i remember it was about two sisters they run a small guest house and they killed a man and were shocked. the sisters decided to cut the body in pieces and kept it in the basement fridge. they cut the hands of the man and went to a train crossroad they trowed one hand to one train and the other hand in other wagon running the opposite route. the police discovered the hands and a detective started to  work in the case. the investigations leads the detective to the sisters’ house. this guy spend the night in the guest house and the situation becomes tense and suspicious. in order to get rid of the body, the sisters chop and mince the corpse, and fed it to chickens from their farm . the chickens produce a lot of eggs and the sisters become fat from eating so much eggs. then with the chickens’ excrements they started to grow mushrooms. one night the detective wanting to surprise the two sisters, cooks dinner for everyone. the guy cooks a chunk of meat from the corpse, the piece of meat have a tattoo drawn on the skin. the sisters soon get romantically and sexually involved with the detective, and eventually the guy discovers the truth. the final scene shows the the sisters and the detective eating christmas dinner on the beach. i thinks this movie is form the late 90s or perhaps early 2000s. i don’t know if its a television movie or a proper film. i used to think this was a peter greenaway film, because of the theme (crime, cannibalism, eating, mortality) and from fast forward sequences (cooking the eggs) and the michael nyman-esque music.

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