weird animated movie featuring bodypart shaped mutant creatures

i remember having a vhs tape of an old animated movie back in the 90s.

the movie itself must have been from the 70s or 80s. it was an animated one featuring a futuristic world where the population of the planet had drastically been mutated . some looked like giant genitals of both sexes, some were like disembodied legs and stuff like that if memory serves right. not sure about that but there was a handfull of unchanged humans left, i believe. there was also a fight of good versus evil thing going on and the main antagonist looked like an assortment of boobs if i recall was a very surrealistic flick.

but for hells sake i cant remember the title and it drives me nuts.

8 thoughts on “weird animated movie featuring bodypart shaped mutant creatures

    1. neat, but thats not it either. its more like something ralph bakshi would do, but its not one of his either, the drawing style was very different from that.

  1. fraid thats not it either. not entirely sure about the length anymore since its been 20ish years since i last watched it, but im pretty sure it was at least 1 hour or more long.

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