mid 90s disney channel movie

I recall from my memory this movie being played on disney channel sometime around 1998-1999. It could have premired on a different channel. But 2 brothers lived in a small town, the older brother was infatuated with horror movies and monsters. His mother didnt approve of it but his dad would sneak him magazines and movies. On Halloween night the 2 brothers and some friends sneak into a drive in movie theater when they get caught by a cop that knows them. The 2 brothers dad dies from a heart attack and they create a monster. The older brother always has a flashback of them signing the flying purple people eater song! PLEASE HELP THIS MOVIE HAS BEEN STUCK IN MY HEAD FOR YEARSSSS CANT SEEM TO FIND A TITLE FOR IT ANYWHEREEEE!!! All help is much appreciated to reunite me with a wonderful childhood movie. ONE LOVE

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      1. I’ve been better about marking everything solved, but I still miss them sometimes when I’ve got a bunch lined up to do in a row. Thanks for checking up on it jennagain.

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