Weird alien killfest movie where everyone dies

So, here goes:


I saw this movie around 2003 I would venture, in the summer.  It was a DVD my parents rented, a super b-list ‘horror/alien’ movie.  I remember it being a bunch of people (all guys except one asian girl) who I guess are about to buy something from a doctor but they shoot him a bunch of times.  Ends up, they have some sort of creepy looking ET esque/slug like alien and it apparently has some sort of mindpowers and convinces the main guy (medium length hair w/ glasses) to like kill a lot of people including a huge fat guy who he chops into pieces w/ a fire axe.  End of the movie pretty much has it where all the guys are dead and the asian chick peels off the eyelids of the alien or something and fucks him while crying? Weirdest movie ever.

It was in color and in english.

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