Movie about an older man and younger woman

I saw this movie on TV when I was a kid and I can only remember certain parts of it and it’s been bugging me for years.

The majority I remember from this movie is that there is an old man and a younger woman, I’m not sure if she was his daughter or if he was in love with her. What I also remember was in the movie she got married and had 2 kids and the older man was crossing the street and got hit by a bus but didn’t die. The younger woman and family went to visit him in the hospital and the kids brought toys or something that made a squishy noise. And I remember the movie ending where the old man shows up at the younger woman’s front door and she smiles and fixes his shirt sleeve and he is wearing a suit and tie and overcoat and the movie ends with him walking somewhere and he is narrating the end of the movie and the movie ends. That is all I remember.

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