VCR about fairies/goblins

It was a VCR i watched as a kid between like 1999-2004 and I remember there being fairy/goblin things in it. It was a dark colour scheme, not the best graphics and quite dull, pale colours, and it was also animated. In one scene i remember children with the help of the fairy/goblins (i  think?) going up in an elevator/cage thing, after i think being saved or something. And at the end, the fairy/goblin things dance around with the children and toadstools grow and weird music plays.

Thank you:)

2 thoughts on “VCR about fairies/goblins

  1. Yes I remember this movie too if I’m thinking its the same one. One of the characters was a shapeshifter and they were fighting an evil shadow. I don’t remember the name of it though

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