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So I was watching this fill on silent in a bar it didn’t look amazing but at least fun it appeared to have been made sometime in the past decade it was set in a desert for the most part. the only scenes I can really remember are one where they are in a arena type setting and a trough of fire getslit around them, and the finally fight which had some sort of phantom witch lady and a sword.

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  1. I don’t know where to ask the question at , so I’ve choosed here to be easier to find my answer , sorry . I like to know the name of a movie about a male & a female book writer that are white . He like her , & at the end , he becomes cutting her hands off , & feet , & maybe her tongue , & stopped the bleeding , & tied he up , at the end of the movie . I’ve saw this movie in the 80’s , or 90’s ? , Another one is about a guy who was out one night at his porch . A Ufo came & took him . Then he came back able to pick a female dress up , by his mind , like a comedy . A male neighbor or friend , makes a helmet for him to put on , so he won’t be able to do it any more . I saw this movie the same yr. .Another movie I like to know is about a female stuck in a building or a home . The group of ppl. are like a cult , or just her in the group . She skins the other female alive , in the movie , at the end .Maybe this movie was made in 1996 or later ? .Another movie I lke to know is a cartoon , I’ve saw in 1988-1989 in Seattle , Wa. at the time . A cartoon cat name capt. Balou w/a sailor suit on , reads a different movie from the book ea. time . This 1 was about 2 kids , a male child build a time machine in the dads Garage & a female child goes in it w/him . No one knowing . They go to Dinosaur times . They get chased by a Rex like Dino. as they head towards the time Machine . One back in the Garage , suddenly a female purple anteater appears , w/maybe 3 baby ones . They fill their trunks up w/air , & float it the air at the end of the movie . Another is a cartoon movie . Same cartoon cat in a suit reading a different story as the movie comes next . This cartoon is about very rare big cats looking for something through the movie mostly , after they’ve escaped from the zoo . Please let me know , or help me find the answers , please . Thanks for your time , who may help me , & who may try to help me w/these questions .

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