Ok I don’t remember how’s the movie starts… Durning the movie the little boy has an imaginary friend, mean while the by is growing up his parents sends him to college he couldn’t make in college so he buys a car with the monies for college. His parents put him out of the house and he goes and live in the desert in a tent with his car and all sort of things the he a accumulating while he was growing up ….. just so happens that his imaginary friend was one of the things that he accumulated and couldn’t let go…. Andy’s at the end of the movie the boy and his imaginary friend was older they grew beards, contractors came and put him out of the desert with his imaginary friend. When they got back to civilization the man had a vase filled with pennies a old lady saw the vase and bought it from him also he had kept his car in mint condition so he auctioned it. The man was rich in the end because of the things that he held on to….

Please Please help me find the name of this movie!,,

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