UK, late 80s, family joins Amish style cult

The scene I remember strongest is a man in a woodwork workshop suddenly being struck by a religious vision and deciding to join the cult that runs the workshop.

I can’t remember if this was a film or the series. I’d guess late 80s. A man, for some reason, maybe he’s a journalist doing a story, visits a religious community to investigate their way of life. Initially he is doubtful but while involving himself in their work in one of their barns he suddenly is struck by a supernatural experience which serves as a kind of conversion and he talks his wife into joining the cult and living there with their children. All is not as it seems and trouble ensues. It was very unusual as it was definitely a British production and we have no Amish here so it stuck in my mind and I remember it having a great story with lots of twist and strong characters. They weren’t actually depicted as Amish but it was very definitely that kind of thing. Alas I don’t remember anymore details, other than discussions in their home about the controversial decision to move and join up. Thanks!

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