Two Christmas movies

Hiya! I’m looking for a movie about a married couple with two daughters. The daughters get killed by wolves, and the couple is heartbroken, but then, one day, the husband brings home a boy. At first, the mother is hesitant about opening her heart, but eventually, the young boy helps her to heal, and she accepts him as her own son.

I’m also looking for another Christmas movie about a boy who is disrespectful to his mom (I think he is upset about having to move). Then, he befriends an old man. Aftr a while, he cheers up and treats his mother better.Then, he finds a bunch of puppies, in the bushes. He hids them there, for a while, but then, they come back. The boy begs his mom to let him keep one. She let him keep a puppy, after a bit of consideration. The boy is so happy.

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