TV Show Called So You Think You Can Dance BUT IT ISN’T So You Think You Can Dance!?!??

So…a bit of a conundrum. And a tv show. Not a movie. One that’s been bothering be since I watched it as a kid. I would say I watched this probably sometime from ages 6-13 on TV (which is 2006 to 2011).

So, all this time I had always remembered watching an (American?) reality dance competition, and I was quite confident it was called “So You Think You Can Dance?”. Mostly because I specifically remember there being an opening/intro music that I particularly liked that would have the lyrics, #So You Think You Can Dance?#.

A year or two ago I tried finding that tv show, but to my confusion it seems like So You Think You Can Dance is a COUPLES dance competition, similar to Dancing With the Stars or Skating With the Stars (rather than American Idol for dancers). I am positive the TV show I watched was not a couples dance competition, it was a SOLO dance competition. The season I watched, the winner was a moderately tall, somewhat attractive White boy (in his mid to early 20’s?) whose style was more classical/jazz/contemporary (i.e. not breakdancing/hiphop/pop-n-lock, etc.). Imagine lot’s of clean spins (pirouettes?). I remember in the top 4 there also this talented (dark haired?) asian girl (also probably in her early to mid 20’s).

Anyway, I’ve tried to look at clips from So You Think You Can Dance (US), the couples dance competition, to see if I could recognize either that winner or that asian girl (or anyone else), but I could never recognize the contestants (nor judges) in the clips (I mostly looked at winners/winner announcements/and a few auditions clips). After that I looked at clips from seasons with male winners of other international (but English language) versions from the So You Think You Can Dance franchise (using the wiki:); i.e. NZ, Australia, UK, Canada. And I still haven’t found it.

So… I’m trying to look for a TV show that I believe is called “So You Think You Can Dance?” but I also don’t think it’s called “So You Think You Can Dance?” cause I haven’t found a season with the winner I remember seeing (or that asian girl)…

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