TV series that had the title paradise in it

Hello again, this site is great because I’m getting a lot of answers to a lot of TV shows and movies that I don’t remember the tiles.

This was a TV show and the only thing I remember about the title it had the word Paradise in it. The only thing I remember was that the people who lived in the house had a casket in the basement. The ghost would only talk to one person in the household. I think it used to air on Fox either in the late 1960s or early 1970s on Saturdays. Does anyone remember the TV show?  I searched Google and I could never find anything that came up with his TV show.

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  1. Yeah wasn’t the ghost to Mrs. Muir. It was a weird series on Saturdays and I want to say it maybe lasted a season or two. I vaguely remember the ghost had a painting in the room. I know it sounds like the ghost and Mrs. Muir but it has the word paradise in the title. It was a weird so I have to tell you but creepy.

  2. I’m telling you you are really really good! I have some great shows growing up when I was a kid. I don’t make them like that anymore! Thank you so much again for all your help I appreciate it!

    1. Yes, you too. You must have been watching the same stuff I was watching. You’re right, they don’t make great TV like when we were growing up, they have hundreds more channels, but nothing worth watching, LOL!

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