Movie title about dead people searching for a dead woman who escaped from them

I don’t remember much about this movie only that it was black-and-white and possibly from the late 50s or early 1960s. This woman had died but she found a way to get back to earth. I don’t remember if she walked by a cemetery, but the dead people were dancing. And as the camera got closer, I remember that their faces looked like claymation. Almost like David Hansen‘s father from David and Goliath. So as these couples are dancing around, one of them notices the woman that they’ve been looking for, she starts running and then they start running after her. And that’s all I remember. Does anyone know what this movie is? It’s been rattling my mind lol!

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    1. Sorry I checked again and I was looking at a cut version on YouTube. I found the longer version not sure if there was the scene. Thank you so much for solving this one for me as well and helping me. This is great! Mystery solved

  1. Thanks I thought it was that movie too but it’s not. I remember a scene where these people are dancing to music with trumpets and horns and they were twirling around dancing around. I just looked through Carnival of souls on YouTube and I didn’t see that scene in there but it was along those lines of that movie.

    1. There is definitely a scene where the dead are dancing in “Carnival of Souls.” She is in an abandoned amusement park and they’re dancing in the park’s music hall as if they’re at some sort of ball or cotillion. The lead dead guy spots her and they all end end up chasing her through the park.

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