4 thoughts on “Trying to remember a plane crash movie?

    1. Ive not seen that one before (but thank you for the suggestion)

      I forgot to mention that the small plane is sticking out of the big plane, they end up stuck together, I’m pretty sure?

  1. That’s the set-up of Airport ’75 (the one with Karen Black, Linda Blair and the singing nun; target of many of Airplane’s best gags), so it might be worth taking a second look.

    There’s a similar incident – resulting in a truck sticking out of the side – in spoof The Big Bus (1976), albeit at a lower altitude.

    1. Yeah, but in Airport 75 the small plane crashes, it doesn’t end up sticking out the side of the passenger plane, that’s how I know it isn’t that one.

      I’ll check out the Big Bus, but I don’t think it’s that (I watched that not too long ago and would have remembered 😉 )

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