Trying to find this asian movie?

I caught a glimpse of this but could never figure out what the movie was, if any one recognises it can you let me know please?

Basically, all I saw was one tiny quick scene, it looked like one of those “fake” sets with a swamp, reeds, there was a path, pink cherry blossom falling through the air, a man with sword(s) and a woman…not 100% sure about the woman tho, it may have been a small child? I think someone sas sitting in a carrying box (one of those with a porter at the front and back and long poles down the side), and there might have been guards?

It was a very visually beautiful scene, very stylised like Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon? I think the man with sword(s) attacked the traveling party on the path? And I think he was wearing black? He was quite young too, I think?

It’s been very frustrating trying to track this down with just this one quick scene to work from, and I could be remembering it completely wrong *facepalm*


3 thoughts on “Trying to find this asian movie?

  1. Thank you both for the suggestion but after watching Hero I can say for sure that was not the movie I remember, sorry 🤦‍♀️

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