Trying to find a UK thriller?

I don’t remember much about this one but what I can remember, I’ve included her in case anyone remembers it?

It was a while ago, pre-2000 for sure. Contemporary, not historical.

There was a young woman, she might have been a hairdresser or made clothing? She was living in or above a church that was being renovated, and it felt like she had just come back from being away for a while? She had a best friend/boyfriend who had bleach blonde hair?

There was a killer after her for whatever reason, could have been a stalker but I think it might have been because she witnessed something?

At the end there was a fight and the blonde friend/bf got stabbed with a pair of scissors?

I’ve been wanting to find it for years now but can’t seem to track it down?

I think it was in two parts that were an hour-hour and a half each? We tended to get these kind of thriller/dramas on a sunday night?

if anyone can think of anything even vaguely similar, please suggest it?

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