Three teenage boys and a Lady

Hi I hope someone can help me in finding this movie because its been quite a while now since Ive been searching for it.

From the movie I only remember a particular scene beacause to be honest I havent seen the whole movie and it got my curiosity.

The movie is set around 80’s. And the scene I saw from it was about three teenage boys. The set up is in a small like living room, one of them is seen dancing slowly with an older blonde lady all dressed in black, the boy is blonde too, handsome and fair. He is appeared wearing a red T- shirt and a slim fit jeans and while they are dancing the song Eviva Espania is heard in the background.

The two other boys are both sitting on a bench a the same room looking at the others dancing, one is skinny and the other is a little bit chubby. The teenager in the red shirt continues dancing with the lady and afterwards they continue to the bedroom and close the door, and as they enter the bedroom the song turns to Besame Mucho……thats all I can remember from this film and I really need your help, because I really need to find it. Please help

Thanks a lot

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