Three Questions

First One: In the movie “Before women had wings” there’s a part in it where the man and his daughter (avocet) was singing a song, what is the name of the song and the singer?  (Googled it but can’t find it)  Thanks

   Second One: I remember this brown E.T thing that has creases on its face and body and it can talk, it’s mouth kind of shape like an aardvark, I think it also has little hair on its head, what’s the name of it and the movie it comes in?                           [SOLVED: “Alf”]                                                                               Third One: In the movie E.T  is there a part in it where the little girl saw the alien running out the boy house while on her verandah and she told him that he cant tell his parents because they will think he’s schizophrenic or is it another movie?

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