Not Much To Go Off

So there isn’t much I remember about this one. It’s about a girl who is hit by a log that fell off of a log truck, putting her into a coma. While in a coma she haunts her house, basicly. I remember a few scenes, one her as ghost trying to grab her phone then blaming the guy for her inability to touch it then storming off to the phone at the other end of the house. I think she was trying to call the cop on the man in her home. The other scene I remeber is the ghost in a towel in the hall way and then her dropping her towel for the guy.

4 thoughts on “Not Much To Go Off

  1. Definitely sounds like Just Like Heaven.. Meg Ryan isn’t a ghost in City of Angels (amazingly heartbreaking film btw, one of my all time favourites!) and the scene where she tries to ring the police is spot on! 🙂

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