Three men carrying a trussed up old man

Here is a film or TV still that I am trying to identify that was unlabeled in a book. Three men in suits are carrying a trussed up old man. The book was published in 1965, so the film/TV episode must definitely predate that. (I have a feeling it is from the 1950s or early 1960s.) If you cannot identify the film, then perhaps you could identify one of the actors. Note that the picture appears as it was printed in the book and it may or may not have been reversed as if by a mirror.


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    1. You can now mark this post solved. Yesterday I happened to come across a lobby card for the film “Pay or Die” (US, 1960). The picture isn’t identical, but there are enough similarities to convince me that it comes from the same film.

      Link to lobby card:

      Will was on the right track. Although the film itself wasn’t italian, it depicted mobsters in Little Italy, NYC in the early 1900s and the cast members were mostly ethnic italians. The trussed up man was played by Bruno Della Santina and the mobster behind him was played by Barry Russo, who was using the alias John Duke at the time. Both actors did mostly TV work during the late 50s through early 1970s.

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