this might kinda tough considering i saw it in a mexican chanel called canal cinco I saw it this year…

… but the movie itself looked like it might be from the late 90’s maybe early 2000’s but I’m not sure. if you do figure out what movie it is by what i think is little but of information I could remember I will be very thankful.
The was movie about a woman who sees certain events happen in her house. She sees a young man playing with a soccer ball in the back yard wearing a hoodie, a lady standing outside the window, I believe she was fixing the window. She also walks into a forest like thing that’s further into the backyard. Soon after she begins seeing more things as another lady dies killed by a heavy built man (fat white bald guy) he kills one with a the phone cord I believe, a man in a car, the lady that had been fixing the window and the man playing with the soccer ball. I didn’t quite get to see too much of this movie but by the end it is revealed she had been having some sort of mental problem and is off somewhere but I can’t recall what exactly happened to her. The man killing everyone turned out to be an escaped psycho murderer, the man in the car I believe was the lady’s husband, the woman in the window I believe was the gardener person or whatever. In the end of the movie they show the husband sitting in the car on the phone with the radio on where they are talking about the escaped murderer (I think). After the husband hangs up the phone the murderer kills him and is seen going into the house as the man is playing soccer in the backyard and the woman is fixing the house.
That is absolutely everything i can remember and I know it might be kind of hard but please help me out. I think i began watching towards the end and i would really like to watch the whole thing.

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