Evil Goblins or Gnomes which are living inside a tree

Saw it on TV i think more then 10 years ago, so it could also be a TV Episode, maybe something similar to  Twilight Zone or Outer Limits.

It was in Color

What i think i remember:

The Scene is a big house near a forest and also inside the forest

Actors: Mother, Father, Boy and older sister and a cat

The Boy gets visited by ugly Goblin like creatures during the night. They threaten him and force him to give them things like needles and a pocket knife.

The Boy also draws a Picture of them during class i think.

One night the Goblins try to kidnap him with his bed. His older sister hears noises and walks over to his room sees the creatures and crys…parents come…the creatures escape threw the open window, leaving many scratch marks on the window board which the Family sees next morning.

The cat is found dead near the Goblin tree killed with knitting needles.

in one Scene they capture a man with a net and tie him down infront of their tree as he awakes from his unconsciousness the “leader Goblin” slowly cuts in his finger with the pocket knife from the Boy. as the blood Comes out of his finger the leaves of the tree start to rustle and red eyes are appearing on the tree top. Suddenly he can free one arm and punches the goblin with the knife away.

The last Thing i remember is a Scene where they find the goblin tree and they find out that the whole tree is filled with tunnels. the tunnel walls are made from mud an bones (i think animal bones)

Can’t find it since 5 years, i hope you can help me and thanks in advance! (Btw please excuse my low enlgish skills)


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