They were dead all along

I’m going to start off with- it isnt Dead End and it isnt The messengers.

The movie starts with a family trying to get to their new house and then they get in a wreck – or almost. I cant 100% remember if they wreck and walk the rest of the way there or if they just finish driving there.

They get there and it’s like a normal scary movie, it slowly gets more and more haunted of a house so they call a priest to excersise the house or whatever. For some reason I feel like it was morgan freeman?? But when I look up his movies I cant find it.

Anyways, he goes on and on talking to the ghosts and the family about how it works and all. The exorcism doesnt work so instead they just leave the house and as the do, they see their car in the ditch where they “lived through the wreck” and it turns out they’re dead all along.

I know the kids were younger (between 6 and 10?), the family is white, they’re younger parents. I’ve looked at plenty of forums and seen a lot of suggestions for other posts but CANNOT find this movie. I was maybe 6-9 when I seen the movie. So I’m assuming the year I seen it was between 2007-2010

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