teenage boy pretends to be monkey to freak out bullies?

english, probably american but maybe canadian. 2000s-2010s. colour. teen movie or tv show, the kind of thing that might play on mtv. don’t remember any notable actors.

what i remember is a scene that goes like this:

a teenage girl (the protag?) is at an outdoor party- a park, i believe, with some kind of small amphitheatre. her younger, uncool brother is also at the party. the girl meets up with two guys. one, the leader/alpha, is into the girl and wants to impress her. his buddy is more laid back, maybe a stoner vibe?

elsewhere at the party, the younger brother is getting pushed around/bullied and the girl notices and is upset. the alpha guy says something like hes ‘got this’ and then gives some kind of signal to his buddy, who nods knowingly.

the buddy then drops to his haunches and starts moving across the party as a monkey, picking at bugs and tiltling his head just so. this is what i remember most clearly: this kid’s spot-on impression of a monkey. in my memory at least, it was kind of incredible.

the alpha guy follows behind his friend, pretending to be his handler or owner. when they get to the little brother (possibly on the stage of the amphitheatre?), the monkey dude starts pawing at and crawling all over the bullies. they get annoyed and then, understandably, creeped out. they take off and monkey dude comes to sit by his “owner” who pats him on the head or maybe mimes giving him a treat or something, and then they go back to normal. maybe people clap?

i feel like whatever this is from is unremarkable, but i would kill to see this scene again (and know its not just something i dreamt, which my friends are pretty sure of). if anyone can help me out id be extremely grateful!

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    1. do you have a specific transformers in mind? i just skimmed through a bunch of summaries and didnt find it, but it might have been left out of the broader ones. also! forgot to note on my original post that this is definitely live action, so it cant have been from the transformers tv series. either way, thanks so much for your help!

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