Teen sci-fi movie 90s

This is another movie I remember watching in school. I think it is based off a book. The story takes place on a planet where it rains 99% of the time. It follows a young boy/girl that are going to school.

It starts as a normal day for them, wearing raincoats and boots going to class. The one character, I think the girl, is getting bullied. She ends up getting locked in the closet of the school during hours.

During the time she (or maybe he) is locked in the closet, it happens to stop raining and the sun comes out, which is a huge deal on this planet. The teacher has all the students go outside in the parking lot to see the sun and be outside without rain.

Since the girl is locked in the closet still she doesnt get to go outside, but she can see the sun from a small window in the closet.

That is what I can remember!  It also may have been a shorter film.




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